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The Operating Microscope

All examinations and treatment procedures are performed using a special operating microscope. This allows us to see minute details at high magnification with the brightest illumination. It helps us deliver the highest possible standard of diagnosis and treatment.

Digital Radiography

All radiographs are taken with digital phosphor plates, which provide almost instant viewing on our Apple Macs. Radiation levels are significantly reduced-by around 90% less than conventional film-based X-rays. It is more environmentally friendly as there is no processing of film-based chemicals. This technology also allows for rapid electronic transfer of relevant information to your referring clinician.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Prime Endodontics is the first specialist endodontic practice in Australia to provide this advanced high resolution 3D radiographic imaging technology in-house. CBCT imaging provides very detailed three-dimensional digital radiographs of teeth and the surrounding jaw with dramatically reduced radiation compared to medical CT units.

Digital Records

Our practice uses a network of Apple Mac computers for patient records, radiography and administration. We are able to send reports digitally to referring practitioners with complete radiographic and photographic documentation.